Boston vs NYC

By Mi Bakal

Boston vs NYC

Boston vs NYC

Boston is such a pretty town! 

Somethings to note about Boston when compared to NYC:

 1) The streets are clean(er)



                             [some streets in Boston]


2) The town is less crowded. This is understandable, given that the population is just around 646,000 compared to a popualtion of about 8,491,000 in NYC. It is also refreshing, especially if you're used to crowded subway trains or fight your way through the crowd around the city (i.e. Times Square..).


3) It has 2 of the most prestigeous universities in the world: Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).


 [A view from a building at MIT (MIT media lab)]



4) The Boston skyline is almost as beautiful as the one witnessed in NYC.



5) The subway fare is MUCH cheaper in Boston than in NYC. $19 would get you a pass for the whole week whereas you need at least $30 to get the same week pass in NYC.


                                      [external view of South Station]



6)The subway is also MUCH MUCH.. oh MUCH cleaner than NYC's subway. 



7) The restaurant Top of The Hub is a must visit if you are interested in a nice meal with a view of the city. (among other restaurants, NYC has The View restaurant)


 [View from the restaurant Top of The Hub (overseeing the city)]



8) Parking in the downtown area (for free) is a very challenging experience (same for NYC). You would be lucky to find a spot in less then 15min.


9) The architecture in the some areas and the river as the heart of the city gives you some kind of an European feel. 




10) The weather is practically the same in Boston as in NYC. 


 Have you ever been to Boston? What were your thoughts? just drop them in the comments! 


 Until we chat again..


Mi girl




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