Seasons change... eventually

By Mi Bakal

Seasons change... eventually

Seasons change... eventually.


 If you lived in NYC in 2015, you probably noticed that Spring started March 21st,2015 but it still felt like winter. It actually snowed all day on March 20th, 2015.

              Winter had been very rough that year. In fact, New York City had seen the coldest temparatures since 1934. That's more than 80 years ago! During that time one could only hope for a getaway trip to Miami (or Hawai, california..). But guess what? with work and other obligations some people just couldn't up and leave to come back at a hotter season. Instead, they sticked through it, adapted to the conditions, and the temperatues eventually went in the 40's.

             In life as well, one can go through some situations that may be diffucult at the time. But guess what? They, too, will change. You might not see the change you are looking for exactly when you want it but trust that it will change in due time.. for the better. Soon you will be looking back and smiling at the lessons you learned along the way. And that's a great feeling! 

  Similarly, rest easy. The weather is slowly but surely getting better. Summer will be here before we know it. We'll be able to wear those tank tops and shorts with no coats!


Until we chat again...


Mi Girl


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